10 Hot Trends and Topics in Veterinary Medicine

10 Hot Trends and Topics in Veterinary MedicineVeterinary medicine, like other industries, evolves with technology and advancement. Over time, trends and focal points change. Vets are changing a lot of techniques and methods in veterinary medicine to help pets, as well as pet parents.


1. Cats VS Dogs
Vets are seeing a lot more cars than dogs these days. In previous times, dogs were the most popular pets, and have been for many years, until now. In the past few years, cats have been the most popular pet in the nation. Cats do not have the same care as dogs, and many pets are changing their quality of care for cats. More cats are turned into shelters and need immediate attention than dogs.

2. Pets and Obesity
The number of obese pets is on the rise. Vets are putting these pets on calorie-restricted diets and requiring more exercise. Vets are encouraging pet owners to be more involved with their pets and carefully review the food labels of the pet food they’re giving their cat or dog. Obesity can be the cause of many health conditions that are fatal to a pet.

3. Niche Pets
Cats and dogs could be taking a back seat as being popular pets to reptiles in future years. Leopard geckos, snakes, and other reptiles are ascending ranks as popular pets. Many veterinarians believe the rise in pet reptiles is due to reptile conventions.

4. Pet Health Insurance
Pet health insurance is expensive due to shots, treatments, and prescribed medication. For the vet facility, their expenses are increasing too which is why many vets offer a better quality of care for pets for a more expensive price. Some vets hire nutritionists to help create personalized meal plans for pets.

5. Specialty Services On the Rise
Vets are taking their time to hire specialists to provide extensive care for pets. Specialty professionals, such as dermatologists, surgeons, and other professionals in this field of work, are being hired to provide in-house services. For many years, vets didn’t have many specialists in their facilities and it caused exams, and other events to take longer than normal. With these specialists present, pets are seen more quickly and provided with more expert care.

6. Pets and Medication
Some vets provide medication delivery to their patients. Vets are looking to change the supplements and some medications that are prescribed to pets. Supplements always cause problems later on down the road. Vets are trying to compound pharmacies to ensure the medication they prescribe for pets is what the pet needs specifically, and not a generic medication.

7. Equipment and Improvement
A lot of vet facilities are upgrading their equipment which means better service. With digital x-ray machines and other equipment, the diagnosis process is quicker and the correct treatment can begin sooner than if vets did not have the equipment, and relied on traditional techniques and methods.

8. Handheld Technology
Handheld technology is in a class by itself. Vets are interested in incorporating mobile apps in their place of business. Smartphone and iPhone apps can improve business by allowing customers to schedule appointments, get tips and advice, as well as order medication.

9. Natural Habits
Vets are impressed with the new efforts of pet food makers and their labels. They are hoping pet owners will pay attention to these labels and make an educated decision on what to feed their pets. In previous years, pet food labels were not as straightforward as they could have been.

10. Innovation with Vaccines
Pet parents want their pets to have vaccines that are effective, not so strong, and less frequent. The vets listened, and are working on a way that the vaccine dosage can be lowered, and not so many vaccines have to be given in a short period of time.

Your pet’s health is just as important as yours, and caring for your pet means taking him to the vet for necessary checkups. Vets are doing everything they can to make being a pet owner less painful in your wallet and provide peace of mind with constant beneficial changes in veterinary medicine. Schedule an appointment online with Central Animal Hospital or contact us today.

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